Warm Up:

  • Motivator from 5
  • Kick with a Twist IC x10
  • Toe Touches IC x10
  • Whirly Gigs IC x10
  • Butt Kickers IC x25

The Thang:


  • Line up in high plank (hold until your turn to go)
  • One at a time bear crawl up the steps
  • Stop at each step for one merkin
  • Bear crawl around the building
  • Back down the steps stopping for decline merkin
  • Hold high plank until all finished

Mosey to shed

  • Step-ups on picnic tables OYO x 30 (15 each leg)
  • Dips IC x20
  • Incline merkins IC x10
  • Calf raises on picnic tables (toes pointed out) IC x20
  • Merkins IC x10
  • Calf raises on picnic tables (regular position) IC x20
  • Decline merkins OYO x10
  • Calf raises on picnic tables (toes pointed in) IC x20

The manager came out to the mound and took the ball from the starting pitcher (YHC). He called in the middle reliever/closer (Pappy) to finish off.

To the basketball court for some “wind sprints with love.” Suicide sprints stopping to perform an exercise at each line (90 total reps of each)

  • Round 1 – Squats
  • Round 2 – LBCs
  • Round 3 – Pickle pounders
  • Round 4 – Burpees


  • Low dolly IC x20
  • Rosalita IC x20
  • Flutter kicks IC x20
  • LBCs IC x20
  • Low plank 1 min (or as long as you can hold…Jackie Moon winner winner chicken dinner)

Recover recover


Moleskin: The Grizzcalator was deceptively difficult and was made worse on the back side of the building by an odor emanating from the bathrooms. Some mumble chatter about doing more step-ups after Wednesday’s beatdown. A partial VQ as Pappy tag teamed with YHC to lead the Pax for half of the beatdown. Great job Pappy, although there was very little love being felt with the wind sprints on the court. And the pickle pounders continue to serve as an awkward EH technique for men running by. Prayers for those close to us dealing with cancer. Always a pleasure to be in the gloom together. Aye!

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