10 PAX gathered at The Hill on a beautiful Friday morning. 

Kindergarten Cop (Q), State, Square, Beefsteak, Zamboni, Motorboat, Khaki, Pontoon-19, Chirp Chirp, and Headlock

Disclaimer given. Northview, F3, Q, not responsible. Modify as necessary. Cardinals suck. 

Warm-up:  (Cards Suck)

Motivator from 5

Arm circles forward and backward 

Weed pickers

Thang:  (Cards Suck)

Slowsy with Block to lower parking lot. Partner up. Four light pole “bases” identified. Each base was a separate exercise (overhead press, kettle bell swings, curls, and goblet squats) with a base number of repetitions. At each base was a partial deck of cards. PAX team drew a card at each base and number on card represented the number of extra reps. Special cards in each deck were labeled either “Cubs Win” or “Cards Suck”. Any “Cubs Win” card lowered the base reps. Any “Cards Suck” card increased the number of base reps. 

Pax would complete reps at base and the move to next base. Zamora carry for North/South travel and farmer carry for East/West travel. Pax teams to count total number of bases reached. Pax circled up to compare number of bases completed. Highest number (17) resulted in 17 block Merkins. 

Moleskin:  (Cards still Suck)

Not a whole lot of mumble chatter heard other than “Ugh, Cards Suck”, “Cards Suck Again”, “Man those Cards Suck”, “I’m not even a baseball fan, but I know those Cards Suck!” and quite a few “Cubs Win!, yesssssss” cheers. Mission accomplished. 

Hope it was a good warm up for The Hill Block PT test coming up in August. Always a pleasure to gather with you brothers. Missed the witty, but misguided, baseball mumble chatter from Wrigley and Wooly D as there wasn’t any Pax present to counter the CARDS SUCK morning mantra. 


KIndergarten Cop

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