10 PAX at The Hill 

Teddy Bear, Pontoon-19, Quick, Motorboat, Headlock, Marshall, Ponzi, Bedpan (Naperville), Lewinsky (Naperville), Khaki – Q


10 Weedpickers

Finkle Swings OYO

10 Abe Vigoda


Rucked 1.5 miles 

Stop #1 Merkin Circle – Each PAX holds a high plank, do 1 merkin, onto the next PAX. Rinse & Repeat while holding high plank till 10 merkins each were complete 

Rucked 1.5 miles 

Stop #2 10 American Hammers IC, 20 Flutter Kicks IC, 10 American Hammers IC

Recover Recover


Nice work today men! Love getting out and starting the weekend out right. Shout out to Bedpan & Lewinsky joining us from F3 Naperville. Always nice to have downrange guys and hope that you got your money out of it today. Keep EH’ing, keep pushing yourselves. See y’all monday. 

Khaki out

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