3 pax got together on a beautiful Monday morning at Grizzly

Zoolander (Q), Wrigley, and Kitty

Disclaimer given

Warm Up Weed pickers- 15 ICWindmills- 15 ICArm Circles- 15 forward IC 15 backwards ICDownward dog stretch

Zamporini or bear hold Cindy around the trail in the park, stopping at 6 different spots to do different stations.

3 major parts of bourbon known as the ABCs America, barrel, corn (3 Man makers)

18 major bourbon distilleries on the KBT a couple popular ones are Stitzle-Well, Woodford Reserve, Buffalo Trace, Angel’s Envy, and Makers Mark (18 skull crushers OYO)

In 2018 there were 68 distilleries in 32 counties, in 2009 there were only 8 counties with distilleries. That is a growth of 250%! (32 lawn mowers-16 each arm OYO)

The rules for bourbon is that it can be stored at 125 proof but can only be bottled at no less than 80 proof and has to have 51% Corn to be bourbon (51 bench press OYO)

The other 49% of the added grains can be rye or wheat or a mix of each. Each gives the bourbon different flavors (49 rows OYO )

Angel’s share and Devil’s Cut 4%-10% goes to the Angels Share, in Scotland it is estimated that 110 million liters of whiskey is lost to the Angel’s every year. That is enough to fill 44 Olympic pools. The devils cut is the portion of the alcohol that is absorbed into the wood. (22 low curls and 22 high curls on Q’s count)

My (Zoolander) favorite is Makers 46 which comes from the 46 combination of wood staves that are put in the barrel to add flavor to the bourbon. Makers is known for its red wax top, you can dip your own bottle on site. (46 goblet squats OYO)

One of the most popular names in the Bourbon world is Pappy Van Winkle. He started his legacy at the Stitzle-Weller Distillery.  To get a 1 oz shot of Pappy RIP Van Winkle you have to pay $315. There were only 700 of these bottles produce. This bourbon spent 25 years in its barrel. (25 kettle bell swings OYO)

Music- One bourbon, one scotch, one beer 
Gas pumpers-15 IC
LBC- 15 IC

Leg flutters- 15 IC

Hello Dollies- 15 IC

Cool Down stretching

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