‘Twas a muggy start to the week. High 70’s with 5,000% humidity had the PAX sweating before the maestro lap.

6 PAX in attendance for a motivator themed workout.

  1. Crabby Po
  2. Jay-Z
  3. Slit
  4. Boucher
  5. Piper
  6. Stache – QIC


  • Maestro Lap
  • Motivator from 8
  • Batwing x 10
  • Arm Stretching OYO
  • Grass Pickers x 15
  • Calf Stretches
  • Leg Stretching OYO


Burpee Motivator from 5: Traditional Burpees x 5, Half Burpee x 5, Merkin x 5, Groiner x 5; Rinse and Repeat with descending # of reps each round.

Indian Run to the stairs, taking the long route down Bob Sanders drive and around park.

Burpee Motivator from 5, this time with stair suicide in between each round.

Indian Run to the Flag


Mary Motivator from 10: Big Boys x 10, LBC’s x 10, SC Heel Touches x 10, SC Flutter Kicks x 10; Rinse and Repeat with descending # of reps each round.


A rough day for PAX in attendance. As if the humidity weren’t enough for a challenging morning of cardio, mumble chatter in between the wheezing and gasping for air had revealed that most PAX had found their way to a cooler filled with adult beverages over the weekend. Maybe that had something to do with the rich aroma of malted grain seeping from our pores?

Though our numbers were small (embarrassingly smaller than our crossfit “friends” gathering for their morning coffee and storytelling session), our tenacity was high. All PAX completed all rounds of the Burpee Motivator at the stairs with all of the running in between. The miles were logged today and the Indian runs were faster paced that normal.

A great start to the week. Looking forward to Wednesday’s workout and the return of those who officially had their weasels shaken this morning.

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