18 Pax at The Hill

Weather: 70ish, muggy, a little fog


15 Weed pickers (IC)

20 arm circles each direction (OYO)

Motivator x 5


Mosey to west parking lot

Round 1: Bear crawl light pole to light pole with a hand-release ‘Merican at each parking spot line

Round 2: Crab walk light pole to light pole with a big boy sit-up at each parking spot line

Round 3: Duck walk light pole to light pole with a jump squat at each parking spot line

Round 4: Frankenstein walk light pole to light pole with a star jump at each parking spot line

Mosey to Fish Bowl (this is where we ran into Wooly D—typical of a Georgia Dawg to show up in about the 2nd quarter)

We missed out on the full Elevens experience last week due to time, so we had to remedy that.  Elevens with pull-ups and ‘Mericans

Mosey to the Barn and grab a rock

  1. 20 rock swings
  2. 30 rock cruls
  3. 25 rock presses
  4. 1 minute wall sit with rock (30 seconds Zamp hold/30 seconds rock extended parallel to the ground)

Mosey to the basketball court.  I had a suicide exercise planned as well, but really wanted to get the baseball themed exercises in so we did a 4 corners (bases) on the court

1st base: 5 burpees

2nd base (checks Weinke): 5 burpees, 10 squats

3rd base: 5 burpees, 10 squats, 15 Rosalitas

Home: 5 burpees, 10 squats, 15 Rosalitas, 20 plank shoulder taps

Snake up and down the stairs

Mosey through the cross country course to the bottom of the Hill with a brief stop to do 20 side lunges and 15 LBCs (IC)

Sprint up the Hill

Mary: Rosalitas in really bad cadence and then 50 heel touches –Recover, Recover


Ample mumble chatter from Cosmo because I featured his favorites—crab walk, bear crawl, running, and sprinting.  Enjoyed Pontoon-19 creating the term “Q-median” because of one of the many funny things YHC had to say today (wink emoji).  In all seriousness, great job men in steamy conditions and thanks for putting up with the running and sprinting.  Welcome Papa Bear!  You are a true inspiration at 71 years young (Respect, Respect, Respect) !!  Thank you all for the support and even a few kind words!   Always a pleasure!

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