1 pax reported to the gloom at Grizzly. 65 degrees, dark, air was thick. YHC gave himself disclaimer and noted he’d help himself to his car if he got hurt.

Warm-up – overhead claps, sun gods, monkey humpers, kick with a twist. Mosey to basketball court.

Thang: fun with ladders. Baseline, free throw, mid court, other free throw, other baseline are markers for each ladder “rung”. Each leg/arm/movement equals one rep.


10 Carolina Dry docks

20 Hand Release Merks

30 Dips

40 Shoulder taps

50 Moroccan claps

Climb back down ladder to start


10 Plank jacks

20 Bobby Hurleys

30 High Knees

40 Squats

50 SSH

Climb back down ladder to start


10 Bay City Scissors

20 Crunchy Frogs

30 Pickle pointers

40 Pickle pounders

50 American Hammers

Climb back down ladder to start

Mosey back to wall & Recover Recover!

Moleskin – YHC was certain that doing the monkey humpers, pickle pointers & pickle pounders solo would lead to a visit from Fishers finest. Fortunately the gloom provided enough cover. Thoughts and prayers for F3 brothers on vacation, Zoolander getting prep’d for return to classroom, VQ today at EZ and all those supporting it. Thanks for keeping me motivated, brothers! Aye!

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