7 PAX posted on a beautiful 65 degree morning.

Stache, Boucher, Maestro, Slit, Jay-Z, CrabbyPo, Bubblicious(QIC)

Motivators, down from 5.
Imperial Walkers x20 IC
Merkins x10 IC
Arm Stretches OYO
Flying Nuns x5 OYO

Mosey to Happy Place

“Pull Up Mountain”
1 pull-up/10 BBSU, 2 pull-ups/10 BBSU, 3 pull-ups/10 BBSU, 4 pull-ups/10 BBSU, 5 pull-ups/10 BBSU, 6 pull-ups/10 BBSU, 7 pull-ups/10 BBSU, 8 pull-ups/10 BBSU, 9 pull-ups/10 BBSU, 10 pull-ups/10 BBSU. Hold wall sit, until all-in.
-PAX take a lap around Bermuda Triangle to rest arms/abs, as needed.
-hold wall sit until everyone makes it to the summit

5 min mosey around the park before descending Mt. Pull-Up.

9 pull-ups/10 jump squats, 8 pull-ups/10 jump squats, 7 pull-ups/10 jump squats, 6 pull-ups/10 jump squats, 5 pull-ups/10 jump squats, 4 pull-ups/10 jump squats, 3 pull-ups/10 jump squats, 2 pull-ups/10 jump squats, 1 pull-up/10 jump squats.
-Hold wall sit until everyone arrives safely back at base camp.

Mosey back to front of pool for ~50 yards of burpee broad jumps.(burpees until everyone completes)

Plank o Rama
Flutter kicks x30 IC
LBCs x30 IC
WWII SU’s x20 IC
Plank o Rama


100 pull ups completed in our hike up the mountain. Which is all fun and games until one attempts to use your arms anytime after. Ouch! Mumblechatter complaints were strong all morning despite no blocks being involved. Weird. Since our aquatic exercise expert fartsacked, the Q’s claim to swimming 5K’s throughout vacation will stand unchallenged.

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