August 1, 2020

9 PAX for a ruck at The Hill: Quick, Cosmo, Ponzi, Commodore, Motorboat, Cornwallis, Pontoon-19, Thumper, Woolly Dutchman (Q)



20 Arm Circles (IC)

20 Weed Pickers (IC)

The Thang:

Split into two teams while rucking to the first tee box of the disc golf course at The Hill. Each team has one disc (aka small frisbee that shouldn’t be used for disc golf, lesson #1 learned), which teammates alternate throwing for each shot towards the hole (or on one occasion for Cosmo, backwards). When both teams have completed the hole, the team with the most throws on that hole receive punishment. PAX continue to ruck the course and “speed disc golf” in order to complete as many holes as possible.

Punishment (keep rucks on): Holes 1-6 = 5 mericans, Holes 7-12 = 10 squats, Holes 13-18 = 20 mericans

A beautiful rainy morning in the upper 60’s kept us nice and cool (and eased our frustrations) as we proceeded to try to throw small, lightweight frisbees across a long, hilly course through wind and drizzles while rucking. There was a minor delay when both teams “discs” ended up deep in the woods off of the 5th tee box, after Cornwallis had just told us “don’t go right”. YHC was astonished when both frisbees were found in about 5-10 minutes as I was sure no one really wanted to continue playing. On we pressed. One team ended up doing most of the punishment and it was “obviously the disc’s fault”. We racked (ruck +hack) our way to hole 16, where we were saved by the bell, and ended up at the COT about 5 minute late.

According to my own notes and much mumblechatter, things I need to improve on include: proper equipment, better knowledge of the course than a numbered map on my phone, more incentive for speed or another way to complete a further distance, and ending on time.

Somehow it seems everyone did have fun, so mission accomplished. Thanks for the opportunity to get better!


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