USS Indianapolis: Survivor Accounts From the Worst Sea Disaster in ...

BlackCat – 68 degrees, calm morning, 8 PAX posted.  Boucher, Gasman, Jay-Z, Bubblicious, Slit, Ariel, Stache, and QIC Maestro.


Arm Circles x15 IC, forward and Backward

Arm Stretches

Grass Picker x15 IC

Leg stretches, with Willie Maze Haze mixed in.

Merkins x10 IC

Mossey to the HP

Motivator from 10

Heal raises x15 IC

Mosey to the Thang


In Memorial to the USS Indianapolis – Length of the boat. 610 feet. The length of Bob Sanders Drive.  – Sank in 12 minutes on July 30, 1945 (80 yrs ago), 300 men went down with the ship.

Starting at the end of Bob Sanders Drive (the bow of the ship) Run to Softball Restrooms (Midship) 6 Burpees at the Midship, then to the stern for 25 reps, back to the bow, stopping at Midship to do 6 more Burpees then to the starting point (the bow) for 25 more reps, 6 trips to equal 300 reps

Reps are as follows – LBCs/Merkins/Squats/BigBoys/Diamond Merkins/Lunges

Not enough time for Full MOM

30 seconds of Canoe sufficed.

Moleskin – Decided it might be ok to have 12 Burpees total rather than 12 per lap.  It will be good for YHC to be back in a consistent routine again, I hope it sticks.  And I smell gas, does anyone else smell gas.  gas.



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