20 PAX, 57 degrees, perfect.


PAX: Maize, Adjective, Faceoff, Cheeseball, Nomad, Teddybear, Pontoon19, Motorboat, FNG(Pickles), Tigerking, Bumblebee, Khaki, Optimus, Zamboni, Wrigley, State, Brickyard, Clancy, Logger

Disclaimer given, 5 cores announced.

warming up

Big arm circles 10IC F

Little baby arm circles 10IC reverse

Weedpickers 10IC

Overhead Claps 10IC

Low and Slow Squats 10IC

Mosey to the west lot.

still warming up a bit.


Up Straddle Hops 15 IC L 15 IC R

The Thang:

20 Mericans 20 Big Boi Sit Ups run two parking lot rows out and back

20 Plank Jacks 20 single count lunges- run out and back again..

Rinse and repeat and reduce x 1 each time.

called it @ 25-30 minutes.

more calf work; calf raises and up straddle hops


3 Burpees

Flutterkicks 20IC

One legged pickle pointers 15IC L and R

Pretzel Crunches 10IC L and R

Chase to the flag; Khaki and Logger got to give us a nice head start. about 200′. managed somehow to get past around 1/2 the Pax.


Found this one on the ole twittersphere and added some to the recipe. og had only mericans and big boys. you’re welcome. speaking of og, YHC found that this is what the west lot is referred to as. THE O.G. lot. split the pax into 10 north 10 south as we had a large crew. (we could still hear brickyard). Zamboni received a virtual sticker for getting to 10 1/2. The 3 pax that did EC @5:00 were pumped to do a couple hundred more mericans. one legged pickle pointers were a real hit with the Pax, those will be back. Speaking of Pickles, great to meet and welcome him today. unfortunately he witnessed an assault take place in the COT, Logger was an innocent victim to a flying object physical outburst by Wrigley. cooler heads stepped in, and we wrapped it up. Good to be back in town boys, hope your butt is not too hurt after all those bbsu. reminder!! Hizzly is coming up Sunday.


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