This morning gave us a good reminder of what those chilly fall mornings feel like for 6 pax. Piper, daisy, jay-z, bubblicious, stache, Ariel-QIC

Warm up

Maestro Lap

Grass pickers

Shoulder pretzels

Moroccan night clubs

Leg stretches on your own.

Mosey to happy place.


To fight off the evil spirits of Covid-19 we had to make sure to do everything in sets of 19! To make sure we made it the magic number we did 19 reps for 19 different exercises with a 50 yd run out then back in between each exercise.

1. Merkins 19

2. Monkey Humpers 19 cadence

3. American Hammers 19

4. Leg Raises 19

5. Burpees 19

6. Freddy Mercuries 19

7. Bobby Hurleys 19

8. Carolina Dry Docks 19

9. Pickle Pounders 19 cadence

10. LBCs 19

11. Superman 19

12. Squats 19

13. Big Boy Sit-ups 19 single count

14. Bonnie Blair’s 19

15. Flying Nuns 19

16. Hand release merkins 19

17. Mountain climbers 19 cadence

18. Hello Dollies 19 cadence

19. Side Straddle Hop 19

Indian run back around the aviary to the flags to finish up.


A bit of a change up from some niche workouts, we made sure to get a little bit of everything in this morning while keeping good form in mind. To keep those in mind who couldn’t make it this morning we had to honor Boucher with his coined pushups for exercise #8 followed by the real reason for his fartsack at #9.

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