Overhead claps 10

Weedpickers 10

Finkle swings 10

Arm circles 10

Mosey to Elementary school park 

Thang – 5 Stations, 2 rounds of suck

20 reps

R1 Pull-ups

R2 Manmakers w/ coupon

40 reps

R1 Overhead Press w/ coupon

R2 Cleans w/ 40lb Sandbag

60 reps

R1 Curls

R2 Merkins

80 reps

R1 Block Dips

R2 Bent over rows w/ coupon


100 LBC’s 


So fun to be back down at The Pit and a pleasure to Q! Felt confident that this beatdown would be tough and make us push ourselves — it definitely did! Keep EHing, keep pushing.

Khaki out

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