16PAX posted for the OG of all workout designs…Pearls on a String.

Disclaimer was given.

Warm up

21 SSH in silence

10 Burpees oyo if not ending together

15 Shoulder Pretzels ic

10 Weed pickers

The Thang

We had increasingly difficult pain stations with minimal running in between. PoaS just means mosey, circle up for beatdown, repeato, not run excessively (although YHC appreciated the mental games that plagued the PAX).

Pain Station 1 “slow n steady”

Calf raises x10 ic

Air squats x10 ic

Lower leg lift R/L x10 ic


Merkins x10 ic

Dry Docks x10 ic

Crab Cakes x10 ic

LBCs x20 ic


Pain Station 2 ” get in line”

Hot foot RL Up Back x10

Lunge 10 lines

Upside down Merkins SUIKJEW

Bear crawl with 4 donkey kicks at each line

Rocket burpees 

Arm scissors x50ic


Pain Station 3 “hitting a wall”

Sumo squat calf raise hands on wall x20

Wall sit with OC, MNC, CP, Shoulder Gator (Imperial Walker elbow high fives)

Fire Hydrant (dog pee) x20 ic

Dirty hook up JLo


Pain Station 4 “Looney Tunes”

Motivator x5

Squativator x5

Merkivator x4 (Mucho Chesto with clap)

Yurpees x5 oyo (clap Merkin double tuck burpees)



Arm curl crunch x10 ic

ABCs oyo

Bay City Scissors x10 ic

Recover x2


YHC realized at about 2300 the night before That’s smoking the PAX would not serve them well for this sunday’s CSAUP. Even with modifying Pain Station 4 from 10-5, we still got quite the beatdown. T-CLAPS to Ladybird and the newer PAX for grinding it out with us.

Until next time 


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