Weather: 72 degrees, Humid, clouds to the east, stars above and lightning to the west the whole morning – we were stuck in trans-dimensional space.

PAX – Maize, Cheeseball, Nomad, Clancy, Teddy Bear, Pontoon19, Chirp Chirp, Dr. Porkchop, Logger

Disclaimer Given


The Ruckers: Clancy, Cheeseball, and Teddybear rucked a wonderful ruck.

The Yogis: Warmup of SSH, Windmill, Imperial Walkers, Weedpickers

Mosey to the fishbowl in anticipation of rain

Lower Body – Various stretches to loosen up the legs and torso

Warrior pose – We worked through warrior 1, 2, 3, and reverse warrior with vinyasa in there.

Upperbody – Focus on the arms, and upper torso stretches

Moleskin: Original Q had an alarm issue. The ruckers were looking to get after it, and they did. They returned with a heightened sense of awareness and an a peace with the world.

The Yogis had lots of moaning as we stretched out from yesterday’s Hizzly. We were sure it was going to storm on us but it the lightening stayed to the west and it didn’t rain until after we were done and home.

Thanks Men!

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