Weather: 85 and humid

Ruckers: Kitty, FNG Rick (now known as fluffy), Cosmo, Wrigley, Zoolander, Motorboat, Pappy, Pontoon-19 (Q)

Runners: State, Khaki, Woolly Dutchman, Beefsteak, Maize, Logger, Nomad (Q)

Bikers: Zamboni, Chirp Chirp, Teddy Bear (Q)

Each group started at designated time, group Q gave welcome statement and disclaimer. Ruckers and bikers had written instructions for the beatdown and the route to Grizzly.

Warmup: motivator from 5, weed pickers IC x10, imperial walkers IC x9 (sum of all reps = 89), short mosey to the area by the stairs

Thang: 89 reps of each exercise; must complete in order and can’t move to the next exercise until current exercise is complete.

Hand-release mericans

Big boi sit-ups

Pull-ups in stair handrail


Air presses


Once pax completed, they helped their brothers finish and prepped to leave for Grizzly.

8.9 mile trek to Grizzly with group.

At Grizzly, needed to modify final beatdown as runners were off schedule by half an hour.

Warmup: Abe Vigodas, kick with twist, hold Al Gore while performing Moroccan night club, cherry pickers, arm circles each way, and overhead clap

Mary: Cosmo’s, American hammers, sweat angels, heel touches, LBCs, 1-min low plank. Count off was done by holding high plank while each pax did a merican to count the group.

Recover, recover.

Moleskin: despite the high temp and humidity, it was a pretty great day. The beatdown elicited a few groans when the 89 burpees were mentioned and several pax in each group checked with their respective Q to be sure he didn’t say 8.9 burpees. Loved having my M and 2.0s at the halfway mark for some relief. Seemed like everyone appreciated that. The runners got the benefit of an additional aid station with 1 mile to go from Maize’s M and 2.0s. That was perfect. Had to call an audible at Grizzly because the runners are off schedule. Kitty was tapped to Q the Grizzly beatdown and I was sorry to have disappointed him. He has some good stuff in store. Appreciate everyone sticking through the heat, bringing their best, and it was great to get the families together after. Thanks for everyone bringing food, for Optimus and his M and the work they did to cook and prepare the buffet line, and Wrigley for letting us use his grills. Lessons learned: time of the year, time of the day, etc. but overall it was an awesome day!

Thank you for allowing me to lead, men!


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