Weather: 70 and very humid

PAX: Cougar, Square, Woody Woodpecker, FNG Joe, Dr. Porkchop (Q)

Warm up: SSH 20 IC, Windmills 12 IC, Arm Swings OYO, Imperial Walkers 15 IC, Short Mosey

Catch the Bus – Sprint across parking lot

Math Class – 22’s – 20 merkins, 2 jumps squats, 18/4, 16/6 … 4/18, 2/20

Indian Run to school

Recess – Kickball 4 corners – Home – 10 burpess, 1st – monkey humpers, 2nd – row taps, 3rd – pickle pointers. Once PAX completes 10 burpees at home, PAX move from their base to the next.

Indian run

Show and Tell – All PAX do wall sits in the gaga ball(?) thing while 1 moseys to the bar and does 5 pull ups or rows

Bear crawl Indian run across pavement


Mary: (LBC 5 IC, CBL 5 IC) x 3, Heel touches 25 IC

Moleskin: Welcome FNG Joe! Always good to have someone new, especially someone who found F3 on their own (Cornerstone Lutheran’s website. Nice.) The air was thicc this morning which made it feel like we were working extra hard. Love the feeling of breaking a sweat but today was over the top. Thanks for coming out, love getting better together!

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