0517 – YHC posted for a 90 burpee punishment

0530 – 16 PAX posted for a few very hard exercises


Plank until Wooly arrives

Warm up:

Fartleks to the bottom of hill

The Thang:

Burpback Mountain (100 burpees)

Bring Sally up (flowers – Moby)

Mosey to basketball court

Death Star (200 Merkins)

Mosey back for Mary



Whip nae nae

Whip: LBC

Nae Nae: Rosalita

Watch me: flutter kicks

Stanky Leg: Gas Pumps

Break your legs: low Dolly

Bop: flutter kicks

You: in the morning

Superman: at night

Duff: Freddie mercury

Recover recover


It’s hard to believe today’s beatdown was only 4 exercises (5 if you count the fartleks in the warm-up). It has been a long time since PAX tackled burpback mountain, and even longer since doing so on the big hill. An unnamed PAX called out “3!” when YHC asked for a number between 1-3. YHC was sincerely asking how many hundred Merkins the PAX were up for during the death star. It didn’t take long before 300 Merkins was modified to 200 Merkins so we could end on time. Today was a smoker. Next week on Tuesday, we are doing an OCR during the beatdown, PAX have been asked to send ideas to yours truly so we can get our money’s worth.

Until then,


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