61 degrees, clear skies, 9 PAX showed up to prepare for the upcoming fall running is the Indy 500.

Jay-Z, Boucher, Maestro, CrabbyPO, Gasman, Ariel, Stache, Bubblicious, Daisy-QIC


Sprinklers 15IC

Side lunges 10IC

Superman 10IC

Scorpion 30sec each side

Tight spot stretching OYO

Batwing- 20IC


To prepare for the 500, we did a modified Tortoise and Hare since we didn’t have straps. Divided the pax into 2 groups. While one group was doing the exercise, the other group was carrying a large tire around the “track” (maestro lap and tip). The exercise group then ran to take the tire while the other group did the exercise. Exercises were as follow:

Burpees 5reps to 50 total (each group did 5 rounds)

Outlaws 10 reps to 100 total

Merkins 15 reps to 150

Big Boys 20 reps to 200

Squats 25 to 250


Box Cutters 15IC

Pickle pointers 15IC


Without the straps today- wasn’t sure how this would work out. Had a brief test to see how many people would be the proper amount to carry the tire for the period of time for the workout. Happened that splitting the group in half worked great. Not sure we set any speed records for laps around the track- but forearms got a good workout. Lots of cheerful chatter today as the pace didn’t leave anyone gasping. Next time we may need to divide the groups by height so Boucher doesn’t feel left out in the carries. And Bubblicious….. well we will leave his questionable comments for pondering bu those in attendance today. Though not the roughest workout today, good full body work and a good sweat was had. Looking forward to our anniversary workout on Friday; and our anniversary F2 gathering on Saturday!!!! Hope to see you all out on Friday!!!!

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