Weather- 63 degrees and clear

5 burpee punishment for Pax at workout but not at Q-source done by all Pax since we are brothers, plus one additional burpee for questioning the Q’s decision to make everyone perform the punishment.


Warm up -21’s – Pax stopped together but counted reps out loud so Q gave them credit for improvising, adapting and overcoming and reduced their punishment for cheating to 1 burpee.

Weed pickers 15 IC

Imperial Walkers 15 IC

Arm Circles Front 10 IC

Arm Circles Back 10 IC

Mosey to lower parking lot and partner up

Team Exercise #1 – Imperial Storm Walkers-( 2 is 1) 150 team reps. One Pax exercises the other runs to the other side of the parking lot and back, then switch

Team Exercises #2 – Carolina Dry Docks 100 team reps. One Pax exercises the other lunge walks to light pole and reverse runs back, then switch

Team Exercise #3 – Side to side lunges (2 is 1) one Pax exercises the other runs to the other side of the parking lot and back , then switch.

Mosey to the light pole and circle up for circle merkins. All Pax assume the forward leaning rest position of a merkin and one at a time perform one push up until there is only one Pax left.

Mosey back to the upper lot for Mary – LBC’s 50 IC

Moleskin: YHC threw this workout together last minute so had to make some modifications to the reps to get it all in. Pax were good sports about the punishments being doled out and tolerated YHC tendency to revert to drill instructor mode when he Q’s. T-claps to Khaki and Logger for tieing at 40 reps on the circle merkins (Q had to call a tie as we ran out of time) Thank for letting me lead today!

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