4 pax reported at Grizzly. 66 degrees and clear skies. Coyote, Pappy, Zamboni, Kitty (q). Disclaimer given.

Warm-up: weed pickers ICx15, kick w/ twist ICx15, squat hold + arm circles ICx10 each direction, 21’s (all pax halted in unison – no punishment necessary). Move to starting point in corner of lot by wall and circle up.

Thang – ALARMs (arms, legs, abs, run, mary).

1. (20 reps ea) – carolina dry docks, Bobby Hurleys, bay city scissors (8ct = 1), mosey 1 lap around lot, j lo’s (both sides = 1). Hit snooze for 10 count.

2. (40 reps ea) – hand release merks, lunge (1 leg = 1), Freddy Mercury’s (1 movement = 1), mosey, big boi’s. Hit snooze for 10 count.

3. (60 reps ea) – dips, squats, pickle pointers, mosey, lbc’s. Hit snooze for 10 count.

4. (80 reps ea) – air press, twinkle toes, pickle pounders, mosey, gas pumps (in & out = 2 reps). Hit snooze for 10 count.

5. (100 reps ea) – overhead claps, calf raises, flutters (ea leg = 1), Mosey, American hammers (each side = 1). Turkish getup.

Pax kept a great pace and got in 5 alarms with a few minutes to spare. As a reward…motivator from 5.

Recover recover! Head to wall, count ‘em off, name-o-rama, COT.

Moleskin – with an open slot at Grizzly as of yesterday afternoon, YHC picked up the Q. Decided to rinse and repeat yesterday’s beatdown from the Pit. New pax, but felt like same day! Not much mumble chatter again today (due to pace and trying to keep count of all the OYO reps), aside from some talk about how the seemingly easy exercises get tough at the end (like 100 overhead claps). Zamboni shared some insights to Iron Pax. Coyote, as usual, put in extra credit by running from home to AO and back. Overall another great morning. Zamboni announced an obstacle course beatdown at the Hill next Tuesday that from the sound of it pax won’t want to miss! Prayers for Zamboni’s family as they say their last goodbyes to their 14 yr old dog today. Continued prayers for our schools, teachers & students – particularly those attending in person. Prayers for all F3 brothers that we continue to accelerate as HIM. Always a privilege – thanks, men! Aye!

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