Let’s get better together!

Weather: 71 degrees

Pax posted: 15

Warm up: IC

• 10 Windmills

• 10 Weed Pickers

• 10 SSH

• 10 imperial Walkers

Zamp carry to lower level!

Thang: Trivia

– Get it right and do exercises! Get it wrong and do double while we teach you the correct answer!

• 30/60 merkins-What is the birth name of the Founders of F3? Co-Founders are David Redding “Dredd” and Tim Whitmire “OBT”.

• 20/40 KB swings-What was the date of the first workout? 1/1/2011.

• 20/40 Chirpees-When was Chirp Chirp’s first post? January 17, 2020

• 25/50 Goblet Squats-who were the 7 runners in our 1st Annual CSAUP? Maize, Nomad, Khaki, Woolly, Logger, State, and Beefsteak!

• 35/70 Curls-What are the 5 core principles of F3? Free, Open to all Men, Held Outdoors, Peer Lead, and Ends with COT!

• 25/50 Block Big Boi-2 part: What is the significance of Campos? Where did the name Campos come from? Campos was a workout program held every Saturday at Freedom Park, where Dredd & OBT met! The name came from bi-lingual signs posted all over the park (campos means field).

• 10/20 8-count Man Makers-How many Pax posted on the very first workout of F3 on 1/1/11? 35 men showed up!!

• 4/8 Block Bear Crawl-What are the 5 AO names for F3 Indianapolis? Hill, Grizzly, Pit, E-Z, & Blackcat.

• 40/60 Block Plank Jacks-What is defined as “The Problem” per Dredd and OBT? (SadClown Syndrome). According to the book, this came from the Sopranos.

• 20/40 Block Dips- Define the 4 terms! MumbleChatter, Smoked, and Soft/Hard Commit

• 40/80 Chest Press – Name the three parts of the Bowling Ball Grip? Pogo 40, The Sifter, and The Reacher!

• A man thinks he’s unhappy because of his wife and job, when really he is an unhappy man with a wife and a job!

• 30/60 Calf Raises – F3 Lingo; Define Q and YHC. Q is the leader of the workout and YHC is “your humble correspondent “

Zamp Carry to upper level


• 15 flutter kicks

• 10 LBC

• 10 Toby McGuires

• 10 Mountain Climbers

Recover Recover!

Moleskin: There was a lot of mumble chatter, but we learned a lot about F3 thanks to the “Freed to Lead” book! Q hopes everyone had a good workout while gaining some great knowledge about F3 and what we are actually about! It was nice to see some people that I haven’t seen in a while! We had some great laughter this morning and spirits were high! Be a HIM and lead your peers, while growing! CHIRP CHIRP

Nam-O-Rama & Prayers

Love you guys!

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