9 PAX came out in the mid 60° gloom



Abe Vigodas ICX10

LBAC ICX10 each direction

Shoulder Pretzels ICX20

Tempo squats ICX15

Mosey to stairs with 10 mountain climbers at QIC order


20 dips

10 decline merkins


Top of stairs Jack Web 1:4

Bottom of stairs Lt Dan 1:4

Completed up to 6:24

Mosey to basketball court

Burpee suicides X3

At this point QIC went off weinke

Mosey to happy place

Jack web up to 10:40

15 box jumps

10 box jumps

5 box jumps

10 box jumps

15 box jumps


Freddie Mercury ICX20

Flutter kicks ICX20

Gas pumps ICX10

Pickle pointers ICX20

30 second low plank hold


9 PAX started out this morning as stories were shared regarding the “meat buffet” experience over the weekend. At this point Stache announced that he had yet to take a crap. Our concern for what was to come began to mount. Shortly after beginning the Jack Webs and Lt Dan’s, Popeye received a “call.” He answered “Goodwin Funeral Home,” but no one is sure whether his M was on the other line. It could be that Popeye needed a lifeline, or it could be that the M determined he was in need of some Hot Ass Lisa’s. At any rate, Popeye was never seen again. About this time Stache began to feel the “brick” in his gut beginning to shift. The upper pressure relief valve began to pop off occasionally. Boucher claims he could smell the burps. As we made our way through Mary, Stache had an o-ring give way on his lower pressure relief valve. Slit was afraid it was an instant pot popping off. We all prayed for Stache’s gut and hurried out before any more eruptions.

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