Mini-CSAUP: Obstacle Course Race Day

16 PAX posted in a VERY wet gloom (aka perfect weather) for an obstacle course race. Disclaimer and course overview were given, and we got to it.

Start at flag

Run to Inlow

Bear crawl across bridge

Lunges next to lake x20

Dips on wall x10

Hurdle over splash pad pipe

Little kid obstacles

Bigger kid ropes course

Climb the net, down the slide

Run back to the hill

Burpee broad jumps by the lake

Bunny hop bridge

Carry block across parking lot, up stairs and back

Run to pull up bar

Pull ups x10oyo

Run to bottom of hill

Army crawl under rope

Run backwards up hill, forwards down X3

Decline Merkins x10 in fish bowl

Carry buckets & balance on sidewalk from one crosswalk to next & back

Run to front side of church

Slide block from one light to next & back

Run to flag for the photo finish


Nothing but gratitude this morning from YHC. Thank you to the men who posted. Thank you to those who brought blocks, helped move blocks for the last obstacle, and carried obstacles back to the start. Props to Motorboat for crushing this course. Props to Wrigley, Optimus, Clancy, & Pontoon-19 for not leaving any man behind, for not cutting out early or slacking, and for catching up to the rest of the PAX towards the end. Props to Bumblebee & Tiger King & anyone who was thinking about Merlot this morning. We got stronger, we stayed safe, & we got some great candid shots to share on Slack later today. Thanks men.

Until next time,


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