Key Principles

Warm Up


Imperial Walker x 25 IC

Hillbilly Walkers x 25 IC

Bat Wings

Al Gore/Tree Humpers/Global Warming

Mosey around the outhouse back to the wall and out to the trash can to the curb

Curb Walk/Indian Run Style

Curb Jump w/Bobby Hurleys x 25 OYO

Curb C-Sit/Leg Hold/Dollies

Curb Walk to the Kona Ice Trailer

Billy Madison through 7th Grade (12 reps of exercise/mosey/repeato)



Calf Raises

Plank Hold

Shoulder Touches




Gas Pumps/In the Morning Combo x25 IC

C-Sit Gas Pumps x25

Inverted Cross Toe Touches x 10 IC

Inverted Toe Touches x 10 IC

C-Sit Flutter Kicks x 25 IC




Beautiful morning, Mid 60s, low humidity – almost perfect

PAX: Wrigley, Kitty, Newman, Coyote, Nomad, Khaki, Jackie Moon, Pappy, Zamboni, Cosmo (Q)

10 Pax gathered at the Grizzly for the Curbs and Billy Madison beatdown.  

The day started with a quick visit from Fishers finest stopping by to see what 10 grown men were doing by the wall in the park at 0530 (lights and everything).  After learning about F3 and getting EH’d by Nomad (nice work) we received a the simple ‘carry on’ and moved forward.

Q started the beatdown with what would become a beatdown-long impression of Joe Biden by mentioning a core principle twice.  Warm ups went well with the expected mumble chatter around the Al Gore/Tree Humpers. Q couldn’t decide if it was lack of O2, burning legs or the best action the PAX have seen in a while, but Q settled on the possibility of all three.

Curb workout went better than Q expected, curb sit core seemed to be a crowd favorite.

Q continued his Biden impressions (to the delight of the PAX) by having the PAX count off from 10 and then not using it for the exercise.  Q was impressed at the PAX counting abilities though.

Billy Madison went well, but due to time, Pax could only graduate from 7th grade.  Which was fitting for Zamboni as he performed some antic about shorter arms and Wrigley an antic with shorter legs (most 7th graders would have been proud). Q pointed out that 7th grade graduation was an accomplishment in KY, much to the displeasure of Pappy who hales from the Bluegrass state and reminded Q that KY is responsible for bourbon.  Q acknowledged and quickly apologized, not realizing that 7th grade graduates could make such a succulent beverage.

Q finalized his Biden ways by recording the Name ‘O Rama with the camera locked on himself with much deserved jesting and jeering from the PAX.  Q thought the PAX were all beginning to look the same but couldn’t figure out why.  Thanks to Wrigley for pointing it out (he was #5or in order btw…just sayin’.  See the recording and count for yourself).

The day finished a transfer of Site Q’ship to Kitty following an awe-inspiring speech by Zamboni.  Thanks for your leadership Kitty!

All in all a great workout today with an awesome group of men.  

Keep up the good work and keep passing it along.

Always a privilege!



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