8 PAX made it for a clear, 54 degree, morning in the gloom


Slaughter Start-15 burpees
Russian Baby Makers 20sec hold x3
Tempo Squats x10 IC
Hairy Rockettes x10 IC
Scorpions 30sec ea. Side

PAX divided into two groups. A PAX from each group called an exercise that the remaining group members would perform while the calling PAX sprinted to the tire, flipped it three times, and bear crawled back. When this PAX returned the next PAX would call an exercise, sprint to the tire, flip it three times and bear crawl back. Repeato until tires made it 100 yards.

Now that the tires were a long ways from where they started, the PAX needed to return them to their original spots. Repeat the cadence above minus the bear crawl.

“The job’s not done until the tools are put away.”

Translation: Impromptu Tire Flip Race back to the flags.

PAX partnered up. PAX #1 executed 10 of called exercise while PAX #2 held static position. Once complete, PAX #1 would initiate static hold while PAX #2 executed nine of called exercise. Repeato until pair reached zero:
• Merkin + Plank
• Squat + Al Gore
• Low Flutter + Six Inches
• Monkey Humpers + Al Gore

American Hammers x50
Heels to Heaven IC x5

MOLESKIN:An impromptu tire flipping race was a great time, but we clearly need to establish some rules. Henceforth, all tire flipping races will abide by the following regulations. 1) False starts will be penalized with 3 burpees completed by each PAX of offending team before proceeding forward. 2) If a team’s tire touches the other team’s tire, they must complete one flip backwards(towards starting line) before continuing forward. 3) Partner Flips or Flip assists are permitted and encouraged 4) Touching the other team’s tire results in 5 Tire Irkins by the guilty PAX. 5) These rules are to be enforced completely at the QIC’s discretion and may or may not be used to help his team win.

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