Weather 53 degrees, phone said that a slight fog was in the air.

20 PAX rose from the fartsack and entered the gloom.

Maize, Beefsteak, Pickles, FNG-Tucson, Pontoon, Bumblebee, Khaki, Optimus, Woolly Dutchman, Cheeseball, Clancy, Logger, Kitty, Tiger King, Chirp Chirp, State, Headlock, Nomad, Motorboat, Snaphook(Q)

Disclaimer and Core Principles were reviewed


Finkle Swings, Goofball, SSH, Moroccan Nightclub,

Mosey with buttkickers, high knees, Carioca, & a lengthy Indian Run.

The Thang: 4K + 1000 exercises. Split Pax into groups of 4.

Starting point do 10 each, run to midway of big ole lap. 10 each of those.. back to start. 10 laps = 4k 100 exercises per lap= 1000

Stop 1.

Foxhole, Plankjacks, Van Goghdas, Tony Hawk Burpees, Overhead Claps

Stop 2.

Cherkins, Rosalitas, Monkey Humpers, Prisoner Squats, Chilly Jacks


Luckily for YHC we had enough Mary built in, as we ran outta time for that… This is another example of how another region bb can entice you into trying to copying, but when you modify the exercises for your friends enjoyment, or underestimate the time that region may have had -the outcome isn’t what you imagined… however, the sweat and chatter was still rolling and the PAX really enjoyed the challenge.. Maybe ours was more like a 3k with 500 reps… Don’t measure your Qing on your high hopes of an exact replica, enjoy what organically happens.. that Q called this a “lazy4k”, apparently he had an hour, or the PAX are all still active Navy Seals. YHC mentioned that I had been overwhelmed with messages from PAX who were frustrated with all the cancelled 5k’s. Admittedly, this was a slight exaggeration. Some updates for PAX who couldn’t make it. Headlock is back, Clancy and State have a new favorite exercise- the Tony Hawk Burpee, Woolly can sprint in Carioca form and run with Cindy. Logger spread some fake news to Beefsteak and others that the Q had called an increase in reps audible. no gloves were thrown this week.

COT & Prayers. get Nomad your info or zipcode if you haven’t already, get signed up for Iron Pax, get $ to Khaki for shirt, and return pickles his sweatshirt. last two are just reminders to me. Pleasure and honor to post with you all today- Snaphook.

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