PAX: Brickyard, Cornwallis, Square, Dr. Porkchop (Q)

Weather: Started raining right after the warm up so we could get started under the overhang.

Warm up: SSH, A skip, Fairy slides, Over/under, Karaoke, Power skips

The thang:

10 burpees

10 burpees, 25 merkins

10 burpees, 25 merkins, 50 lunges

10 burpees, 25 merkins, 50 lunges, 100 BB sit ups

10 burpees, 25 merkins, 50 lunges, 100 BB sit ups, 150 squats

15 wall slides IC, 20 row taps IC


six inches hold, 30s

Superman 10 IC

Recover recover

Moleskin: Didn’t actually phone a friend, but I did steal it from her instagram story and it was killer. I started to worry about the Pit’s ability to suck the mumble chatter out of any PAX, because Brickyard was unusually quiet during the first few sets of burpees and merkinsyy. BUT he rebounded nicely and got us through the rest of the beatdown. Seriously appreciate the added energy that is missing from the Pit sometimes. Really enjoyed the beatdown with you guys. Keep accelerating!

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