10 Pax posted on a clear and comfortable 55 degree morning.  Popeye, Bubblicious, Crabby PO, Stache, Jay-Z, Boucher, Maestro, Daisy, Slit, Piper (QIC)


Maestro lap
Grass pickers IC X15
Sprinkler IC x 15
Arm stretch OYO
Leg stretch OYO
Navy seal burpees x 5 OYO

5 pull-ups
10 hanging leg lifts
10 merkins
15 air squats

3 amigos
20 lunges
40 flutter kicks

25 kettle bell swing (Pax choice: 25#,35#, or 45#)
50 side straddle hops
Bruce Lee(hammer, leg raises, lbc’s, heel touches, crunchy frog, 100’s)

Maestro lap

Rinse and repeat


V up roll ups
Boat and canoe

Moleskin: Q promised no stairs, no blocks, and no big tires. According to pax the three tires Q brought were still deemed “big,” which is relative in the terms of tire sizes. Pax also said that the Q is notorious of having a short winkie, which is also relative. Popeye greatly surpassed expectations this morning, nice work, we see some hot ass Lisa’s in your future. Pax are hoping for a safe return of Pew Pew, last we recall he was headed to a farm in Kentucky for some R and R. We also learned that when you go to Fogo you should probably eat more than just meat, things can get backed up, and laxatives are no joke. In the end Pax completed 3-4 rounds. Good effort given by all. Hope to see you all on Monday!

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