Good morning all on what felt like a 70s still morning. Nine PAX posted for what was promised to be a search for a six-pack. We’ll see. Bubblicious, Jay-Z, CubbyBlue, Slit, Stacie, Boucher, Piper, Daisy, and QIC Maestro.




Grass pickers x15 IC

Reach through legs stretch


Pickle pointer hold

MNCs x15 IC

HP for some body builders x5 RnR

Omaha Prison Break run (zombie/arms up/merkins x5

Basketball courts for yoga

Yoga Time Ladder (starting with downward dog into upward dog then adding each of the following positions for each set

Warrior 1

Warrior 2


Mosey you’re the Festivus Pole for a Bruce Lee Ring of Fire

Hold v sit 

10 hammers

10 lifts

20 LBCs

20 heel touch

10 Froggy Crunches

100s together.

Omaha Prison Break Run back to the Flag for MOM


Ring of Fire Merkins Ladder to 5

Still not sure to what I should attribute the lack of chatter this morning. As Slit pointed out we definitely spent more time on our keisters this morning. YHC definitely had a different kind of sweat this morning. We had what I would consider a more meaningful COT (Circle of Trust) this morning with ending with a reassured brotherhood and YHC almost suggested a BOM (Ball of Man) but didn’t want to soil Gasman’s uniform, or tempt anyone to swipe his sidearm. Thank you men for being the HIM (High Impact Men) for this group and our community. We are better because of each other.

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