8 pax reported to the Big EZ on a 70ish degree, hot, humid, pungent morning in Zionsville. Perfect beatdown weather. Springbok, McStuffins, Butterfly, Beater, Pickles, Sarge, Brickyard, Kitty (q). Disclaimer given.

Warm-o-Rama: windmills ICx10, imperial walkers ICx15, al gore + arm circles ICx10 each direction, SSH ICx15. Mosey around upper lot ~200M.

Thang: EZcalator. Pax paired up for partner beatdown. P1 moseys from upper lot down the drive lane to lower lot to starting position (~10 yards from bottom of steps). Bear crawl to steps, up steps, and to P2’s location (~10 yards from top of steps). Meanwhile P2 is performing reps. Then switch. Partners have to collectively reach designated amount of reps. Once reached, plank it out or help pick up the 6. Group does not advance to next level until all have finished their reps.

  • Level 1 – 100 merkins / bear crawl
  • Level 2 – 200 big boi’s / bear crawl
  • Level 3 – 300 squats / lunge walk
  • Level 4 – 400 flutter kicks (2 legs = 1 rep) / duck walk

Mary: gas pumps ICx25, lbc’s ICx25, Rosalitas ICx20, Freddy Mercury’s ICx15. Recover Recover!

Moleskin – once YHC’s temporary visa was approved and I cleared customs (note: thorough explanation of cinder blocks/gloves/shovel in trunk required, but thankfully avoided full cavity search), I navigated my way to through a strange land named “Zionsville”. The natives were welcoming, although leery of my intentions. YHC quickly issued a disclaimer, putting pax at ease that I was an ally. Q made the mistake of asking Sarge if he wanted to wear gloves for the impending bear crawls. The notion was shrugged off, Sarge is not soft like the rest of us. Brickyard advised Q not to make direct eye contact with Sarge for the remainder of the beatdown. Mumble chatter was low, which the Q chooses to believe was due to pax keeping diligent count of reps. Bear crawls proved to suck, as usual. Q modified last to levels to lunge & duck walk. During duck walk, quacking could be heard echoing from the lower lot. Pax worked hard today and picked up the 6 when needed (not needed that much, of course). Overall great morning to meet the pax of EZ and get stronger together. Thank you, gentlemen. Aye!

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