Weather 70 degrees, slightly humid.

11 Pax. Cosmo, FNG-Nate, Nomad, Effin, Jackie Moon, Pappy, Khaki, DC, Wrigley, Cornwallis, Snaphook(Q).

Warmo- 10 ct rubber band stretches to toes. Left over right, and right over left. 20 SSH IC, Cherry Pickers, Highknees x15 IC. 400m mosey to the old Marsh.

Thang- Pax lined up in groups of 5. 100 yd sprint. exercise x10. Slowsy back to start. Ten Rounds.

(estimated time that DC showed up and had no clue where we were)

Rd#1 Star Jacks

Rd#2 Royal Burpees (no push up or jump)

Rd#3 Bobby Hurleys

Rd#4 Hand release Merkins

(DC nearly got digits off the lady with a golden doodle, “she was faster than Khaki”, he continued to Mosey)

Rd#5 Jumping prisoner squats

Rd#6 Groiners

Rd#7 Bonnie Blair’s 2 is 1.

Rd#8 Merkins

(DC still looking for us, improvised self Q in the park continues)

Rd#9 Werkins

Rd#10 Cherkins

Circled up for Planking Pleasure. High/Low, arm up, switcho, & 5 rounds of merkins in rota while others hold plank.

Slowsy back to camp for Mary. Reunited with DC.

Mary. Australian Snow Angels, Heel Touches, LBC’s, Low Dolly, Starfish crunch, Pretzel crunches.

Moleskin: What a bootcamp, the Pax crushed the sprints and exercises. YHC awarded virtual medals to the Pax as we slowly made our way back to camp. Mumble chatter was heavy. Nomad and Khaki nearly cursed when YHC called out Bonnie Blair’s. & Wrigley with a slight head start nearly beat Khaki in one of the sprints. Welcome! FNG (Nate), Welcome back Effin!! Credit to DC for doing his own AWOL beatdown until the PAX returned. Great times always at the Grizz. thanks all. Snap

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