The Pit

4 of Broad Ripples finest took their turn at the IPC week 0.

Pax: Square, Dr. Porkchop, Cougar, Cornwallis (QIC)

F3 Core Principles

SSH x 15 IC
Kick with Twist x 10 IC
Windmill x 10 IC
Weedpickers x 10 IC


IPC wk. 0

4 Rounds for time
50 Squats
40 Big Boi
30 Merkins
20 Bonnie Blairs
10 Burpees
Run 400 Meters

Recover Recover!

Cornwallis: 23:56
Square: 24:58
Cougar: 25:10
Dr. Porkchop 25:27

-No mumblechatter today. Just guys getting after it.
-Dr. Porkchop gets the award for most encouraging! Appreciate the push brother!
-We discussed what we thought about it afterwards: Hard to keep good form, Bonnie Blairs suck, sucking wind on the runs.
-Thanks, but no thanks IPC. We will rest up and be ready for week 1.


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