Weather…coolest day of the week so far. Humidity finally broke. Clear skies.

Six Pax…Wrigley (Q), Kitty, Khaki, Nomad, Zoolander, and Pappy.

Welcome and Disclaimer

Warm up

  • SSH IC x 2 (yes, you read that right)

The Thang

  • Started off with two blocks to be carried by the Pax. Rucked from Grizzly south on Brooks School Park to the entrance into Sandstone subdivision. Circled around until we arrived at Casa de Wrigley. Made the switch from blocks to donuts. Continued rucking through Sandstone and into Idlewood, then out to 116th and back to Grizzly. Approximately 3.1 miles.


  • LBCs IC x 2 (yep, right again)

Moleskin: What a great way to kick off our first ever ruck at Grizzly. Khaki was none too pleased to see the blocks being pulled out of YHC’s vehicle after the pre-blast indicated a fellowship paced ruck. However the Pax were on to YHC that the blocks wouldn’t be around long and likely replaced with something lighter and fluffier. As YHC’s dogs barked with delight at the sight of everyone in the yard, Zoolander pulled two dozen Dunkin donuts from the M’s van. Smiles ensued and off we went again. Great conversation after a grueling week of beatdowns. The fellowship continued with coffeeteria in the grass next to Dunkin. Thanks for the end of a great week, and cheers to a great weekend.

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