With the inaugural Ruck at Grizzly and The Hill, there was no excuse to miss a great ruck!

Weather – clear skies, just a trace of stickiness in the air and 70*

8/29/2020 – The Hill

9 pax posted: Cornwallis, Thumper, Pickles, Headlock, Quick, Maize, Motorboat, Cheese-ball, Pontoon-19 (Q)

Welcome and disclaimer

The Thang – Challenge to the pax to add 10 pounds and some of the pax had a pre-ruck beat down. We stepped it out to cover 3.14 miles in 50 minutes flat! We had bonus time with Mary: side ruck raises, flutter kicks, hello dollies, pickle pointers and weed pickers.

Moleskin: A beautiful morning with the pax as we maintained what was said to be a great pace. There was some mumble chatter about the pace in the beginning but we maintained and pushed through with nonstop fellowship chatter.

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