77 degrees, muggy (87% humidity)

2 pax showed up for a hand at 21

Zamboni and Zoolander (Q)

Disclaimer was given and the workout commenced

Warm up-Weed pickers, SSH, Moroccan Nigh Club, arm circles (10 small, 5 big) IC, wall sit (1 min)

Black jack-Start with 20 and 1. Count down on the first exercise and up on the second until you are 1-20…always adding to 21. 1st exercise block presses and 2nd is block jumps with Zamporini’s or block carries in between (roughly 25 paces.)

Moleskin: It was great getting back out to Grizzly after missing last Monday’s evening workout. It was great being pushed by Zamboni as well. Mary might have lasted longer if the Q didn’t get a mosquito in his ear! Figured that was a good sign to end before we were drained of blood.
Mary- dead bugs (25), reverse crunch (15)  leg figure 8s (8 IC)

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