Weather…cool, low humidity, fog, full moon

23 Pax reported.

Disclaimer…forgotten but implied

Warm-up…SSH IC x15, Weed Pickers IC x15, IST IC x15

The Thang…IPC Week 1

  • 3 burpees to start and every minute on the minute (EMOM)
  • 50 hand release release merkins
  • 100 leg raises
  • 150 jungle boi squats “2 spoonz style”
  • 200 big boy situps
  • 250 stationary lunge steps (1 is 1)

Reps to be completed before moving on to the next exercise. Individual time to complete started with the 1st burpee and ended with the 250th lunge.

Mary…yeah, right.

Moleskin…YHC had a front row seat for the pain as the IPC Proctor. It was a little unsettling to see the Pax working so hard while I just watched. The call for burpees EMOM hurt me as much as it hurt them (okay, it hurt them more). There was very little mumble chatter until the first few Pax finished. Then lots of encouraging praise and Pax helping other Pax to the finish line. No one was on their own. It wasn’t about the times. It was about pushing individual limits and working together as a community of HIM. Very proud of the effort from each and every one that rolled out of bed this morning and toed the line. You guys rock!

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