13 pax assembled in the morning rain for a Q school and shared Q workout. 67ish degrees, dark, wet. Maize, Nomad, Khaki, Wooly D, DC, Wrigley, Motorboat, Cosmo, Jackie Moon, Coyote, Newman, Effin, Kitty.

⁃ start/end on time (use watch/phone)

⁃ Welcome/disclaimer (not a professional, F3/AO not responsible, assist you if hurt, modify as needed, you vs you)

⁃ 5 core principles: free, open to all men, held outdoors/rain or shine, peer led, end with COT

⁃ start with Warm-o-rama

⁃ Announce exercise (demonstrate as needed), call “in position”, specify in cadence/single count/on your own, say “exercise” or “move” to signal start

⁃ Different cadences. Single count (i.e. merkins – Q caps down and pax count the reps). Typical “in cadence” is a 4 count (Q counts 1-2-3 and 4th count is by pax to count the reps). Each movement is typically a count.

⁃ use a Weinke (cheat sheet) as needed, interval timer, stopwatch

⁃ If mosey, lead the way and notify pax of any hazards

⁃ Adapt to weather conditions

⁃ Thang: main workout. use Exicon, backblasts, internet, friends, coupons, AO features, etc. Can be simple. Be creative

⁃ Don’t q it if you can’t do it. Practice it first. Get comfortable with cadence. Be able to explain it to pax.

⁃ Plan more than you think you need, goes quick, rinse & repeat if needed

⁃ Pick up the 6 or assign someone to do it. Pax that finish early can be instructed to plank it out, perform some extra credit or drop back and join the 6.

⁃ Push & encourage pax. Encourage good form over time or reps.

⁃ Mary (target 6 min), abs, can incorporate music to follow along to (helps so you don’t have to call cadence), Mary can also be built into the Thang

⁃ Recover recover! Count off, name-o-rama (take video) COT, picture, FNGs (q is final decider of name if there is not consensus, we name FNGs on 2nd post )

⁃ Post backblast (khaki can get you set up on word press to write/post backblasts)

⁃ Post preblast on Slack the day before. Good chance to get a teaser out.

– if you have trouble with getting a workout planned, reach out to other pax – that’s what we’re here for!

– Maize: have extra planned in case. Motorboat: announce “move” or “exercise” to signal pax to start movements. Cosmo: use Exicon, backblasts to help get ideas. Nomad: practice cadence at home, fun activity with the 2.0’s (kids).

Moleskin: what a great turnout this morning. Thanks for all the pax coming out to support guys that are preparing for VQs. Another Q school that Khaki showed up to and it rained, coincidence? Thankfully shelter provided some cover for a variety of exercises to practice cadences, and share about Qing. One of the core values of F3 is peer led. YHC is excited at the prospect of 4 VQs at Grizzly this month! Let’s go!!

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