Weather: 66 and very humid

Pax: Cornwallis, Dr. Porkchop, Square, Cougar, Nomad (proctor)

Warmup: SSH IC x10, imperial walkers IC x10, weed pickers IC x10, Finkle swings and hip flexor stretches OYO, short mosey to the grassy area

Thang: 50 hand release, release Mericans, 100 leg raises, 150 jungle boi squats, 200 big boi sit-ups, 250 single leg, in-place lunges…start timer with 3 burpees and do 3 burpees EMOM until all reps completed.

Moleskin: the men at The Pit worked hard this morning. Good form, good pace from all. Almost no mumble chatter because, duh. At one point, Dr. Porkchop almost caused controversy when he switched his burpee method from non-clap to clap. Proctor applauded his courage and the trend took hold among all pax including Cornwallis whose first few dripped with sarcasm but then he realized he was overstepping so he toned it down. It was a real honor to help keep time for you this morning, men!

Cornwallis: 27:29

Dr. Porkchop: 28:58

Cougar: 32:35

Square: 32:56

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