11 PAX posted on a brisk 54 degree morning. Slit, Stache, Jay-Z, Piper, CrabbyPo, CubbyBlue, Humdinger, Boucher, Maestro, Pew Pew, Bubblicious(QIC)

Maestro Lap
Arm Circles IC x15
Grass Pickers IC x15
Leg Stretches OYO
Hairy Rockettes IC x15

Mosey to Happy Place

PU Pyramid:1,2,3, etc until you can’t beat previous #. Shake it out, jump up and do that last one. Now, complete one Bermuda Triangle and go down the pyramid.

Mosey to tennis courts

Shuttle Sprints :Partner up. 4x Suicide style shuttle runs at tennis courts.
***Bonus Round after 30 sec rest. for PR.

Mosey to baseball diamond

Sugar Cookies
10 SuperMans IC
Mosey to Home Plate
10 HR Merkins+10 BB’s
Rinse and Repeat x4

Flutter Kicks IC x30
Plank Hold 30sec

Good crowd this morning. Solid mumble chatter from the Pre-Blast must have peaked morbid curiosity for the beat down. Even Pew Pew made a triumphant return from his KY adventure! Things were rather quiet at the onset, but once reality set in at the tennis court with QIC sucking serious air the PAX knew the Navy SEAL theme wasn’t nearly as hard core as feared. None the less, Sugar Cookies satisfied Maestro’s sweet tooth and everyone had a strong finish. Nice work men!

“Good” video for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=124&v=IdTMDpizis8&feature=emb_logo

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