12 Pax posted on a breezy 72 degree day. Jay-Z, Daisy, Stache, Crabby Po, Pew Pew, Cubby Blue, Maestro, Piper, Slit, Bubblicious, Boucher, Q Popeye.

Warm up: Grass pickers ic, Finkle swings 10 each leg, 25 SSH ic, WMH oyo, Bat wing, Arm stretches oyo, Nipple Tweakers.

Soccer Indian Run (run with arms behind your back)

Thang: team up. 1 pax does 20 Merkins, pax 2 farmer carries blocks, pax 3 does a Maestro Lap, then 20 Merkins when they arrive at the happy place. Pax 1 runs to partner and takes blocks. Pax 2 runs back to Happy place and does 20 Merkins. Pax 3 finished Merkins then runs to take block from Pax 1. Repeat until blocks are back to the Happy Place. When blocks reach Happy place round is complete. Start a new round.

Round 1: 20 Merkins

Round 2: 20 Incline Merkins

Round 3: 20 Decline Merkins

Mary: Flutter kicks, 10 American Hammers, 100’s, Pickle pointers, LBC’s, plank.

Moleskin: Not a lot of chatter today. It was agreed that the soccer Indian run was not as bad as the prisoner Indian run. It was mentioned to Q that we might not want to farmer carry quite as far as we did this time. Wapner and Gasman joined in for coffeeteria. A special thanks to Jay-Z and Wapner for providing B&G’s after the beat down. Good work today men. Hopefully we will see everyone back on Wednesday.

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