September 9, 2020 at Grizzly

Weather: 60s- cool and clear. 12 pax reported to Grizzly for the VQ – Maize, Kitty, Pappy, Jackie Moon (VQ), Khaki, Cornwallis, Woolly Dutchman, Nomad, Cosmo, Dr. Porkchop, DC, & Wrigley

Core Principles and Disclaimer.

Mosey to bball court for warm-up

  • Side straddle hops IC x25
  • Knee huggers IC to half court
  • Frankensteins from half court to baseline
  • high knees
  • butt kickers
  • Arm circles IC x 10 forward&backward

Mary warm-up

  1. High plank 30 secs
  2. Shoulder taps IC x15
  3. Plank Dips – hip touches IC x15
  4. Deadbugs – L hand into L knee & extend R arm & R leg, flat back, IC x10, switch sides

The Thang – To the baseline

  1. Slow squats IC x10
  2. Carolina dry docks – x10 on your own
  3. Lateral lunge IC x5 each leg
  4. Alligator merkins to next line
  5. Repeat at 4 more lines (free throw line, halfcourt line, ft line, other baseline)

Return trip

  1. Imperial walker-walkers to free throw line
  2. Calf raises IC x10 at each ft line & halfcourt
  3. Imperial walker-walkers between lines

The Real Mary

  1. Slow Mountain climbers IC x20
  2. Leg raises IC x15
  3. Crunchy frog IC x20
  4. V-up roll up (full sit up and touch toes, roll down, v-up to touch toes) IC x10

Just a little finisher

  1. partner suicide – backpedal to line, run back to endline. (ft line, halfcourt line, other FT line, other endline) Partner doing side-straddle hops. Each team complete 4 suicides to match the # of games the Pacers lasted in the playoffs this year.
  2. Bobby hurley shuffle (start on one side of the paint/lane) – Bobby Hurley then shuffle to other side, repeat for 30 seconds. 4 sets each. Partner does plank for 2 sets and mountain climbers for 2 sets.
  1. All American stretch
  2. Hammie stretch – touch toes

Recover Recover.

Moleskin: Cool, quiet morning. Woolly Dutchman showed up ready for some 5 on 5 but left disappointed with his shoe choice after the leg raises. A few too many Duke bball references for the Q’s liking. Q to work on post-puberty cadence voice to please Wrigley. Great crowd for the VQ!

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