Weather: 64, Foggy

21 Pax flew out of the fart sack eager to hit the links.

Disclaimer, 5 Core principles & Warmo- SSH, Windmills, Sungods

Thang: Line carts up- 2 Pax per cart. Mosey to each hole.

Holes #1 – #3 P1 performs 2 reps while P2 holds static, then flipo for next two reps.. and so on until 12 reps.

#1 Cherkins/Plank #2 Squats/Al Gore #3 Leg Raises/6 inch hold

#4 P1 picks his own exercise 23 reps. same for P2 (no burpees, they are out of bounds today)

#5 P1 and P2 flip flop what they did on #4. again 23 reps each

#6 P1 picks his own exercise 23 reps. same for P2

#7 Grab a rock, 20 Curls IC

#8 SSH 23 IC

#9 100′ (ish) Bear Crawl

Driving Range. Partner 1 Runs to 2nd line. 10 of each, while P2 does amrap or hold exercise at start line. StarJacks/Plank, Bobby Hurleys/Plank Jacks, Overhead Claps/SSH, BBSU/Plank

Mosey to stairs for calf work. std, toe in, toe out, 10 IC each

Mary: LBC 20 IC, Low Dolly 20 IC, Plank and chatter.


Name O Rama: Welcome Shawshank !

Moleskin: Great Job by the Pax today, After a last second decision to not drive to the Pit for what would have been his 3rd consecutive IPCweek2 Pickles showed up just in time for the shotgun start. He would later say in a post round interview “I really relished the opportunity to compete in the recovery open”. T-Claps to Pontoon for grinding through a lot of mosey with a bad wheel. YHC needed a little breezy one after IPCweek2, and had also heard that next week we can anticipate some running, so we mosey’d quite a bit. Pretty sure Teddy Bear and Motorboat won, YHC left the scorecard in the cart, they were the closest Pax to me so they get the trophy and unusually large check. Appreciated all the birthday wishes. Keep EH’ing, Give it away. Blessed to be with you all today- Snaphook

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