The Pit

Pax: Square, Dr. Porkchop, Khaki, Cornwallis

Core Principles

IPC Week 3

Run 400 m
100 Merkins
Run 400 m
90 Squats
Run 400 m
80 Merkins
Run 400 m
70 Squats
Run 400 m
60 Merkins
Run 400 m
50 Squats
Run 400 m
40 Merkins
Run 400 m
30 Squats
Run 400 m
20 Merkins
Run 400 m
10 Squats
Run 800 m

Total Elapsed Time

Cornwallis- 35:32
Square- 36:22
Dr. Porkchop- 37:17
Khaki (2nd running this week)- 37:17 with Porkchop

Whew, I’m tired just typing that up.
Great job today men. I think we were all feeling it in different ways and all came in with different strategies, ultimately just to finish which was such a good feeling.
Thanks to Khaki for coming down and supporting and encouraging us. T-claps to doing that twice in one week.
Only 1 week left and then our bodies can heal.
Have a great day and go be HIM!


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