9 PAX in attendance to wrap up the week on a crisp 55 degree morning.

  1. Cubby Blue
  2. Shamu
  3. Crabby Po
  4. Jay-Z
  5. Wapner
  6. Slit
  7. Boucher
  8. Piper
  9. Stache (QIC)


  • Motivator from 10
  • Arm Stretches OYO
  • Chest Stretch x 2
  • Back Stretch x 2
  • Grasspickers x 15
  • Calf Stretching OYO
  • Tempo Merkins x 10
  • Leg Stretching OYO


Mosey to the Happy Place at the monkey bars. PAX partnered up. While one partner ran a Bermuda Triangle lap, other partner hung from the monkey bars (flexing core, working on grip, decompressing spine). Still warming up, picking up the pace with each lap. Rinse & repeat 3x.

Mosey to the stairs. Leapfrog squat across the road, complete 1 stair suicide, leapfrog squat across the road, 20 merkins, leapfrog squat across the road for another stair suicide. Hold plank until all PAX done.

Mosey to the basketball courts. Slumdog Court Jester – suicide with burpees every time you hit the baseline – starting at 2 and going up 2 each time at the baseline.

Mosey to the flag


  • V-Up Roll-Ups x 15
  • Merican Hammers x 25 (each side)


Short Mary to end a day full of cardio. Q didn’t have time for the group to complete a Super Slumdog Court Jester as planned – performing Slumdog Court Jester on Bob Sanders Drive. This news seemed to be great relief to the PAX.

PAX worked hard through the workout and ended the week on a strong note. Not much mumble chatter today, mainly heavy panting. Perhaps the monkey bar hangs were a bit much, or the bermuda triangle was too long of a run. Not sure if this was a good exercise for the group, but wanted to try something new. Was a killer on the hands.

It was a short Mary, but just enough time for one PAX to mist the group in a most impressive manner.

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