Weather: low 50’s, clear

PAX: Khaki, Clancy, Cheeseball, Square, Motorboat, State, Nomad, Pew Pew, Headlock, Woolly Dutchman, Cornwallis, Chirp Chrip, Dr. Porkchop (Q)

Warm up:



Arm swings 

Bicep carry to west lot

:45 on, :15 rest

Thrusters, lawnmowers, block swings

Farmer carry down to far light pole(R) back(L)

Repeat intervals

Zamp carry to first light pole and back

Repeat intervals

Zamp carry to first light pole

11’s – Tombstones, pickle pointers

P1 – 5 Blocky Hurlees, P2 – curls R&R x 3


Block up – morning/night x10 – gas pumps IC 1 0- Flutter kicks IC 15

Standing leans 10 IC each side

Moleskin: Great to Q at the Hill again, it’s been too long. YHC forgot the challenges of Qing for more than 5, but it all ended up ok. Sorry about the late backblasts, I will be better about it moving forward.

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