Weather: 48 degrees and calm

9 Pax Posted to Grizzly : Wrigley, DC, Pappy, Kitty, Zamboni, Effin, Nomad, Snaphook, Coyote

Warm-Up: 20 Side straddle hops IC, 15 Weed pickers IC, 15 Imperial walkers IC, 20 Arm circles IC

The Thang:

Last day of summer Astrology/Latin Lesson:  Tomorrow is the Fall Equinox.   The Latin translation for Equinox is “equal,” and “night” a fitting history for a word that describes days of the year when the daytime and nighttime are equal in length.

Slowsy to the BB court and circle around the center of the court.  Performed various block exercise while each PAX circles the BB court with his block.  (One at a time)

  • Curls (9 PAX circle court)
  • Squats (5 PAX circle court)
  • Kettle ball swings (5 PAX circle court)
  • Block Chest press (laying down) (5 PAX circle court)
  • Calf raises on Block (5 PAX circle court)
  • Block Plank jacks (5 PAX circle court)

Picked Up block and carried the 400 meter lap.

Mary: Low Flutter X20 IC, LBC’s X25 IC, Low Dolly X20 IC, Superman’s X20 IC

Comments/COT: Great morning for a VQ. Thanks for everyone’s support. Keep Snaphook’s Aunt in your prayers.

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