Weather: 55 and clear

7 Pax posted the Big EZ: Pickles, Nomad, Khaki, McStuffins, Butterfly, Sarge, Beefsteak(Q)

5 Core Principles and disclaimer given.

Warm-up: SSH, Sungods, Imperial Walkers, Weekpickers

Warm-up after the warm-up: Pax line-up in plank position. Last Pax bear crawls to the front. Each Pax does 10 shoulder taps when passed. Rinse and repeat, working our way across the parking lot.

Thang: 4 cones in a square 25 yards apart.

Round one: Crab walk to next cone and perform 10 merkins, 10 Big Bois, 10 Apollo Onos (4 ct), 10 Carolina Dry Docks. Repeat at all 4 cones.

Round two: Lt Dan walk (lunge, lunge, squat) to next cone and perform 20 wide arm merkins, 20 mountain climbers, 20 monkey humpers, 20 Flutter Kicks (4 ct). Repeat at all 4 cones.

Mary: LBCs, Pretzel Crunch, Heel Touches, Low Dolly, Rosiltas

Moleskin: Great to see Nomad and Khaki out this morning, thanks for making it over. Sarge came in hot, he didn’t want to miss the bear crawling. Iron Pickles posted for his non-IPC workout of the week. No running and no burpees today, yeah! Reminder to keep EH’ing guys as we grow the most during the winter months. Put others before yourself today, thanks for the opportunity men!

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