Pax: 21

Weather: a perfect cool 56 and beautiful morning

Disclaimer: Q is not responsible and neither is church!

Core Principles: Free, open to all men, outside rain or shine, peer lead, and ends with COT

Warmup: IC- weed pickers, SSH, arm circles, pick teams

Thang: ultimate frisbee with a side of Mericans. If a team scores, the opposing team walks to other end and does Mericans (maxed out at 25 each score).

Mary; stretches, recover, recover

Moleskin: There was a brief silence, confusion and mumble chatter as the Q explained how many Mericans we would be doing but the chatter grew into excitement when Q said frisbee! The game was one sided in the beginning until an opposing player changed the rules smh. It was great seeing the hard work the Pax were putting in and once again Headlock was diving on concrete (respect). Q’s team completed over 220 Mericans as they did not score the most, but all Pax were feeling good and sweating! This was a clear winner after a long four weeks of IPC! Chirp Out!

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