Clear 52 degree morning with 10 PAX in attendance. Stache, Wapner, Jay-Z, Boucher, CrabbyPo, Maestro, Piper, CubbyBlue, PewPew, Bubblicious(QIC)

Warm Up
Arm Circles X15IC Forward/Back
Arm Stretches OYO
Tempo Squats X15IC
Leg Stretches OYO
Extra OYO Stretches

Mosey the tires to the Happy Place

Split into 2 Teams: 1 PAX does set # while others wait doing prescribed movement

2 minute AMRAP Stations

Round 1: 10 Tire Flips and Freddy Merc’s
Round 2: 10 Pull Ups and No Surrenders
Round 3: Farmer Carry Blocks Around Pincap and Flying Nuns
Round 4: 10 Merkins and WW1 SitUps
Round 5: 10 Tire Flips and Mountain Climbers
Round 6: 10 PullUps and SSH’s
Round 7: Farmer Carry Blocks and Dirty HookUps
Round 8: 10 Merkins and Air Squats
Round 9: 10 Tire Flips and LBC’s
Round 10: 10 Pulls Ups and Step Ups(benches)

Tire Flip Race Back to Flags

1) False starts will be penalized with 3 burpees completed by each PAX of offending team before proceeding forward.
2) If a team’s tire touches the other team’s tire, they must complete one flip backwards(towards starting line) before continuing forward.
3) Partner Flips or Flip assists are permitted and encouraged
4) Touching the other team’s tire results in 5 Tire Irkins by the guilty PAX. 5)These rules are to be enforced completely at the QIC’s discretion and may or may not be used to help his team win.***Winning team is determined by Q***
30 sec: High, low, right, left, low push up hold

MOLESKIN: Time flies when you’re having fun! This workout was tough, but seemed to go fast with the rapid pace and competitive spirit exhibited. Q’s team definitely won the tire race though. Any objections, please see Rule #5. Special thank to all the PAX who pulled the tires out of storage and put them back at the conclusion of the workout!

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